Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi: Iraqi media partner victories

Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abadi said that the Iraqi media is a partner in the victories, and that his role is important in raising morale and breaking the will of the enemy.

This came during a speech delivered by the presence of a large number of journalists and heads of media institutions and political analysts, during which he reviewed the latest military, security and political developments.

He stressed that three years of victories are the result of the unity of the row and the priority of liberation over the side differences because we are facing a common existential threat that threatens all the components of our people, indicating that our heroic forces of the army, police and popular mobilization and Peshmerga has suffered a major defeat by the terrorist.

Dr. Abadi stressed the need for everyone to reach a firm conviction that the source of our strength is religious, national, religious and ideological diversity and we can not live in one color.

He called on everyone to cooperate in the coming period and block the way to return terrorism and extremism and fight corruption with all force, pointing out that community reconciliation must be achieved among the civilian population in order to reassure all citizens.

The media called for awareness in the defense of the state, saying: It is not a fault to defend our country, but it is a duty, and the right of the other to oppose and criticize without prejudice to the national constants and beliefs and the freedom of others, and must move to the stage of application and respect for law in the street and end armed manifestations and overcome Public money .