Federal Police: 1,414 ISIS terrorists killed in Mosul

At least 1,414 ISIS terrorists were killed since the beginning of the military operation to retake Mosul's right bank from ISIS terrorists,Commander of Iraqi Federal Police LT. Gen. Raed Shakir Gawdat announced on Wednesday.

In a statement, Gawdat said 1,221 of ISIS elements were killed by drones, adding that 193 ISIS snipers were also killed.

He added that "414 car bombs, 1,053 Armored vehicles and 405 motorcycles were destroyed," noting that the number of displaced families reached 4,424 families.

Iraqi Forces launched a major offensive on February 19th to retake the right bank of the second largest Iraqi city.

The left bank was completely recaptured on 24th of January as part of the military operations to liberate the city that started on 17th of October 2016.