Advisor to Ex-Finnish FM Says Time Appropriate for Referendum of Independence

ERBILó Tarja Kantola, special adviser to former Finnish foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja, says the timing to run the referendum on independence of the Kurdistan Region from Iraq has arrived, according to a lawmaker.

Speaking to BasNews, Salar Mahmud who represents the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Kurdistan Parliament, said Kantola met with a number of Kurdish MPs and voiced her country's support for the imminent survey in Kurdistan.

Salar quoted the Finnish official saying her country supports Kurdistan in the process of referendum "because referendum is your right and certainly this step requires unanimity and further serious preparations for any possibly."

The MP added also in the meeting the measures taken by the Kurdistan Region to counter terrorism and the international support for Kurdistan in this battle as well as the economic crisis and strides towards independence were also spotlighted.