Kirkuk's Name Restored 14 Years past Fall of Baath Regime

Iraqi Council of Ministers on Tuesday agreed to officially restore the original name of Kirkuk province, 14 years after the fall of the Iraqi Baath regime.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced the decision in a press conference, saying Ta'mim has been replaced by Kirkuk and the Council of Ministers will also adopt the original name of Qadesiya province, i.e. Diwaniyah.

The names of both provinces were altered under the authority of the Baath regime.
The name of Kirkuk in particular was dropped as the designation of the province as part of the process of Arabization which aimed at changing the demography of the ethnically mixed areas in favor of the Iraqi Sunni Arabs.

Qadesiya province was only part of Diwaniya province until 1976. The province was named Qadesiya as it was the site for the Battle of Qadesiya in which the Islamic Rashidun fighters defeated Sassanid Empire in 636 CE. In the Iraq-Iran war both parties to the war took pride in the historic battle in Qadesiya.