Ready to operate the "Iron and Steel" factory in Basra

June 6, 2017

Basra - Journal News

The director of the iron and steel factory in the province of Basra, Abbas, said on Tuesday that his city will witness the end of next year, the creation of all the equipment for the operation of the iron and steel mill and melting of the scorpions, which was one of the largest factories in the Middle East.

"The decision of the Council of Ministers No. 25 of 2017, directed the operation of the iron and steel mill and rolling mill, with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year," he said in a statement to the Journal News.

He added: "The General Company of Iron and Steel is waiting to receive plans from one of the companies that will qualify the plant and prepare the foundations for receiving new equipment," noting that "things are going smoothly and well on the right track to restore life to the plant."

Director of the plant, also pointed out that the end of next year will see the operation of his company for the smelting sector and the production capacity of up to 500 thousand tons per year.

The General Company for Iron and Steel was established in cooperation with a French company established in the early 1970s. Its factories were completely shut down from production due to the consumption of their equipment after the events of April 2003. Before that, the factory was bombed by US forces in the 1990s.