Oil agreement between the region and a Russian company "does not comply with the Constitution and international law"

Release Date: 2017/6/5 9:17 • 209 times read

Baghdad: The signing of the oil agreement between the Kurdistan region and the company «Rosneft» owned by the Russian government "does not comply with the Constitution and international law."

Tariq Harb said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of "what happened yesterday from the signing of the Minister of Petroleum Resources in the Kurdistan region, an agreement and contract with one of the giant Russian oil companies and for up to twenty years by giving the Russian company about 700 thousand barrels violate the rules of law International "level.

He pointed out that "such contracts are with the state and not the province, so that the provisions of international law is clear in these cases as concluded with the body recognized by international law, which is in Iraq, the federal government in Baghdad and not with the Kurdistan region, International law and territory does not carry international legal personality. "

He said, "Do you have, for example, that one of the republics that make up the Russian Federation as an agreement between the Republic of Ingushetia or Chechnya with a Russian company to invest the oil of this Republic? As this is not permissible, it is not permissible for a Russian company to contract with the province and this issue to all countries such as the United States because the law The UN Charter recognizes the sovereignty of States only and not the regions or republics or states of the components of the state. "

He pointed out that "the matter does not stop at the violation of this agreement to international law, but also contravenes the provisions of investment exploitation contained in Articles 111 and 112 of the Iraqi Constitution, which made oil and gas belongs to the people and the people represented by the federal government in Baghdad and not the province, which forms part of the people.

He pointed out "to know how this agreement, especially since the Russian government has more than two thirds of the capital of the Russian company, that is, a government company rather than a private company and therefore this agreement has to do with the separation of the region, especially that it was twenty years, which will affect the Russian position on the subject of separation not Especially that this agreement was a place of non-acceptance of the Kurdistan Change bloc and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which appears that the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Erbil, headed by Massoud Barzani is unique in this deal without reference to other Kurdish parties and the government in Baghdad.

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Sunday the agreement with Russian company Rosneft.

The adviser to the President of the Kurdistan government, Delshad Shihab, that the terms of the agreement with the Russian company includes the purchase of oil according to the prices that are handled globally, "stressing that" the agreement will have a significant impact on the political future of the Kurdistan region. "

"The agreement consists of two parts, the first section will include the purchase of oil according to the prices that are handled globally, as in the Turkish port of Ceyhan, where they will buy Kurdistan oil for two years, and will be treated like any company wants to buy oil of the region, Of the agreement that was announced, it will develop five fields for oil extraction and production in the Kurdistan region, with the reconstruction of the economic infrastructure of the region.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin had discussed with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani during his visit to Russia last Friday, cooperation in the field of oil.

Russian President Dmitry Pskov said in a press statement that Putin met in St. Petersburg on Friday with Barzani, who discussed ways to strengthen cooperation in the oil field, adding that "military issues or arms deals were not discussed during this meeting."

"We will participate in the development of five fields for the extraction and production of oil in the province of Wardistan, within the framework of the reconstruction of economic infrastructure in it," announced the CEO of Russian giant Rosneft, Igor Ivanovich Sichin.

The Russian government's share of Rosneft is 60 percent, indicating that the company's investments in the Kurdistan region will result in the Kremlin paying more attention to Erbil.