Iranian company to resume the project of rail links with Iraq

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Baghdad / Range

The Iranian Minister of Transport, Kazem Vangan Al-Yamami, announced Sunday the restoration of the 17-km-long Samawa railway project with three bridges and its approaches, pointing out that efforts are being made to link Iran and Iraq through a railway line to facilitate the transport of goods and people.

The deputy minister for transport affairs, the deputy minister for the affairs of the civil aviation authority of Iran and the Iraqi ambassador in Tehran, Rajih al-Moussawi, in addition to the director general of Iraqi Railways, Mr. Salam Jabr, held a meeting in which they discussed navigation in the Shatt al-Arab and railway projects between the two countries.

"After a visit to Tehran last weekend, we discussed the development of transporting visitors through Iran, as well as ways to develop the aviation sector, airports and airlines," Hamami said in a statement received by Al-Mada.

Al-Hamami explained that after a delay of more than two years and after long negotiations with the company "Bland Bay" Iranian, we were able to resolve the problems related to all, especially financial and convince them to resume work to complete the project rail link in Iraq ..

Al-Hamami pointed out that the project, which was stopped in 2015 because of the financial crisis, will be re-operated by the same company, which will link the rail between Iraq and Iran to facilitate the transfer between the two countries.

On the other hand, the Iranian news agency Fars quoted Iranian Transport Minister Abbas Akhundi as saying that Iranian companies are ready to offer their expertise to develop transport sectors in Iraq to serve the interests of the two countries. People.

The Director of Information of the General Company for Railways has confirmed in previous press statements that the length of the railway line is 32 km, and the project "part of future projects to link Iraq to neighboring countries through railways."

Economic experts say that linking the railway with Iran will bring significant economic benefits for the two countries, a system in place in all European countries. "The prices of transporting people and goods will be less expensive than the wheels and safer, and accidents will decrease on the outside roads.

The volume of trade exchange between Iraq and Iran is estimated at 13 billion dollars, while Iraq is the main destination for Iranian pilgrims for religious visits.

Iraqi railways suffer from obsolescence due to lack of maintenance due to the wars Iraq has waged and the economic blockade imposed on it in the 1990s following the invasion of Kuwait.