The parliamentary finance of "Trend Press": the sale auction currency corruption and favoritism to some banks

05/06/2017 11:39 | Number of readings: 363

Direction Press / Special

A member of the parliamentary economics committee, Nora al-Bajari, said on Monday that the sale of the currency is corruption and favoritism of some banks over the other, saying "the mechanism that applies is not on all banks."

Al-Bajari said in an interview with "Trend Press" that "there are specific banks dealing with the sale of currency auction benefiting from this mechanism," indicating that "the recent period the central bank has begun to improve its monetary policy."

She explained that "the House of Representatives a great responsibility on the subject of the Central Bank and the currency and monetary policy," calling for "the application of correct and legal policies to all."

She accused the member of the legal committee of parliament, high Nassif, the Central Bank out of the legal and professional contexts, indicating that the recent rankings is a new game innovative to add corruption in crooked ways and narrow corridors gave the committees formed in the evaluation legitimacy in corruption and bargaining through the collection of points.

"There are banks that were established for months. Most of them were money-transfer companies. Most of them borrowed money to raise their capital. The purpose is not to build banking institutions that serve the community and to do the credit department, but to benefit only from the sale window of the currency, .