Iraqi Forces Resume Push into Mosul's Old City from Southern Front

Iraqi forces have once again attempted to advance into the Old City neighbourhood of western Mosul from the southern front which was halted due to the difficulty of advancement from that side in late April. Consequently, a northern front was opened in May.

The forces backed by warplanes began to attack from the southern front on Monday, said the head of the Iraqi Federal Police Lieutenant General Shaker Jawdat. Seven Islamic State (IS) militants were killed as a result.

The Iraqi Federal Police forces also discovered a burned IS prison with the remains of two men and a woman in the recaptured 17 Tamuz district. The people were “brutally killed,” before they along with the prison were set on fire, Jawdat noted.

The operation to oust IS militants from western Mosul began in February, after the eastern half of the city was declared liberated in January. The operation which began on October 17, 2017, is led by the Iraqi and the international anti-IS coalition forces.