UPDATED: Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdistan Regionís Bradost region

SIDAKAN, Kurdistan Region Ė

Turkish fighter jets have bombed areas near the town of Sidakan in the northeast of Erbil province.

ďTwo jets were bombing four areas and one was monitoring the area,Ē Ihsan Chalabi, the mayor of Sidakan confirmed.

ďOn Sunday evening, June 4, 2017, at 4:10 pm, Turkish jets bombed Lelkan, Moslok, Del, and Bekhnok, damaging the bush of the area. But fortunately there were no human casualties,Ē he added.

ďThese bombings posed a danger to areas of Gorasher, Khalifan, Allakan, and Siran. Some people from the region had left their homes and returned home later,Ē he said.

Turkey frequently carries out airstrikes on alleged Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) locations in the Kurdistan Region's mountains where the PKK has its headquarters.