The Central Bank of Iraq signs a memorandum of understanding with the Palestinian Monetary Authority

Views Date 04/06/2017 - 22:11

Economy News Baghdad:

Advertise the bank Central Iraq, Sunday, Signature note understanding With Power Cash Palestinian conflict Cooperation Common Development the work The banker And financial institutions .

And he said the bank Central at Declaration Journalist Received " economy News " version from him, The " governor the bank Central Iraq Ali Keywords Signed With governor Power Cash Palestinian conflict Azzam Shawa, at Headquarters Embassy Iraq at Capital Jordanian Amman, note understanding Cooperation Common between The two sides To support Development the work The banker And financial institutions at Both Two countries . "

"He added That " note Understanding Writes Strengthening Relationship the list between Iraq And Palestine at field Censorship On Institutions Banking And finance And achieve Stability Financial And the wash Money Including Agreed With Recommendations And decisions A committee Basel Controlled Banking And what Contribute at Investigation Goals The two sides Related Stability Financial . "

And That " note States On exchange the information Experiences Related Link Developed the work Financial And banking Development Staff Career, addition to me exchange the information Related Legislation Banking And finance the window And standards Requirements Control at Both Two countries . "

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