Experts confirm: the actions of the central bank behind the decline of money laundering

The central bank recently revealed a decline in money laundering operations that have been seriously affected in recent years, indicating that one of the most important reasons that led to this is the training of banking cadres and the withdrawal of licenses of a number of exchange companies and international cooperation to curb money laundering, In the economic aspect, that the agreements concluded by Iraq with international financial organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, have contributed effectively to reduce money laundering, and the legislation of the law of money laundering and the procedures of the Central Bank, including those relating to the window selling currency, were factors that led to Control my work Money laundering.

Economic expert Majid picture, pointed out in an interview (range), that all the measures taken have led to the decline and not eliminate the phenomenon of money laundering, and the measures taken by the Central Bank to close more than 100 companies for their cooperation in money smuggling, terrorism and money-laundering, achieved the positives too many at the level of decline in these operations, and said: the crackdown on the sale of the currency imposed by the central bank window was too many have contributed to reducing the money laundering process, which led to the control of the currency in the Iraqi market, where the US dollar dropped from 1300 to 1,200 dinars, in addition to a Tough measures with regard to the monitoring of compliance, internal audit, capital and stress the need to follow all the instructions and regulations issued by the Central Bank and make a basic criteria to enter the sale window of the whole currency led to the adjustment in the market initially was not bad Bh.oitapa the picture saying: On the other hand, the cooperation that took place between the central bank and other government agencies and international institutions, especially international Monetary Fund and the World Bank, all led to this result, there are agreements now exist to follow the movement of capital in agreement with various international bodies, especially since Britain's recent period, expressed their cooperation with regard to the prosecution of money-laundering operation in Britain itself, but he also: adding that money laundering process can not be eliminated even in the big countries, but it can be controlled with the cooperation of all local and international bodies, and we in Iraq do not even have today , Accurate statistics on the volume of money laundering operations.

The economic expert in the name of Antoine, in an interview with (range), that the law of money laundering issued before the activation of the role of the Department of control of the external transfer in the Central Bank and the matching lists received and the tightening of customs and the control of banking offices, has been reduced from the role in money laundering operations and stopped part Stressing that if the control continues in this form with international coordination with the United States and the International Monetary Fund and neighboring countries, there will be a significant reduction of this process in Iraq.
Antoine goes on to point out that money laundering and counterfeiting in general in Iraq were not in this sense because the censorship was weak but there was fear that the money laundering operations were in favor of terrorism and financing terrorist operations.

The recent censorship to prevent this process in Iraq, indicating that the money laundering operations are multiple, including through the introduction of drugs and the introduction of goods and goods at unrealistic prices, and access to funds from irregular entry, including prostitution, smuggling, drugs and illegal sales of arms , With the sale of members and trade in sex, women and others, all these irregular incomes that are not subject to income tax are types of money laundering.

"The Central Bank of Iraq is intensively monitoring precautionary measures on the file against money laundering and the financing of terrorism as a scourge to be combated. There is broad international cooperation on the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism at the level of Iraq and the world, Adding that "the nature of the Iraqi regime (monetary), so we find that the volume of money laundering little compared to other countries, especially as the central bank and in cooperation with the support, trained the banking sector to combat money laundering and terrorism financing, because the banking sector is the biggest target of these operations, "he pointed out at the end of his speech, that the central bank to withdraw the licenses of exchange companies located in conflict areas, fearing that they are financing the terrorists, which in turn blocked the way for them.

Money laundering is one of the most hot topics in the world, and governments, security agencies, financial institutions, and banking in particular are working to combat it as a serious threat to global peace and security. Money laundering or money laundering is known as " Which are legally recognized as "accepting deposits or funds derived from illegal or criminal activity, concealing their source, covering up them, or assisting any person who is an original actor or a partner in that work Drop Out of Results Selfish to do.