Labor launches social welfare for more than 13 thousand beneficiaries
launched the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs amounts for social welfare [13 395] thousand beneficiaries under Annex IV of the second batch of the year 2017
The Director General of the Department of Protection of Women in the Ministry Perfume Hussein al - Moussawi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that the ministry launched the amount of the subsidy for [8707] beneficiaries who have been locked Btaqathn and stopped their salaries in Baghdad and the provinces for the purpose of modernization and after the completion of renovation Baanathn and hold field survey for them and enter the field search form information [pmt] in the program interface
it said al - Moussawi said , were released amounts of subsidy for [4688] thousand beneficiaries of the continued [15] thousand who appeared for them in the bar salary phrase [above the poverty line and Kdmn objection
And it called on the Director General of the Department of Women to protect all beneficiaries who are not making a Baanathn "to accelerate updated because the deadline will be updated in 06.15.2017 and then will fall the right to claim a final subsidy and will be cut off
As for the submission of objection when the emergence of the term [above the poverty line] Moussawi said that according to the law is to provide an objection within one month from the date of notification or the appearance of the phrase
For his part , he said a spokesman for the Commission for Social Protection in the Ministry of Labor Ammar Menem said , " The ministry is keen to deliver the amount of subsidy for the poor, especially during the days of the month of Ramadan worked to intensify efforts to complete the operations to update the data and receiving objections to the release of subsidies in the form of supplements until the day 1/6/2017 was launched four supplements in the second installment for the year 2017 where he had previously been launched three supplements with a total [19097] thousand beneficiaries and beneficiaries bringing the total absolute becomes the amount of subsidy for them within four supplements [32 492] thousand beneficiaries and Mstvid.anthy