WATCH: Iraqi forces allegedly use white phosphorous to shell IS in Mosul

Iraqi air forces on Saturday heavily shelled the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the neighborhood of al-Zinjili located in western Mosul.

While Kurdistan24 was streaming live from the neighborhood, Iraqi forces repeatedly struck IS locations in the area.

The shelling seen in the footage shows white smoke rising from an air raid.

Several social media users claim white phosphorus, a banned chemical substance, was used in the strike, although Kurdistan24 was unable to verify this.

Fierce clashes are ongoing between IS militants and Iraqi forces in Zinjili.

IS has been surrounded in an area of four square kilometers in western Mosul believed to be the insurgent groupís last defense line.

The elite Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) units on Friday announced the liberation of Sahha neighborhood from the militant group.

During the operation to free the neighborhood, 120 IS militants were killed, CTS spokesperson Sabah al-Nuíman told an Iraqi news outlet on Saturday.

Nuíman mentioned the offensive to liberate the remaining neighborhoods in Mosul would be fast but claimed the forces prioritized the safety of civilians who have been trapped by IS.