Deputy: There is no real will to recover the lost and smuggled money

Journal News June 3, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee criticized the current method of dealing with corruption issues in the country, describing it as "outdated old ways".

The member of the committee MP Abdul Karim Abtan, told the "Journal News" that "the total files of corruption for the projects delusional and false referred to the judiciary and the Commission (integrity) as the bodies authorized to consider this file," asserting that "the issues that have been converted resolved part of them, While the other part is under investigation. "

He added: "There is a real problem in the process of recovering money smuggled is the need for genuine goodwill and high level coordination with UNDP in addition to judicial orders to coordinate with countries through Interpol police and can be agreed with specialized companies to investigate criminal and accounting through the state."

Abtan said that "it is possible to recover money through the Department of Money Recovery of the Integrity Commission and its work is dedicated to the return of the huge money that was wasted."

The number of bogus projects in Iraq since the fall of the former regime to the beginning of this year, more than six thousand projects have not been completed, because of the waste of public money and theft of allocations for those projects.