"Clean war" is difficult at this time, but Abadi won it


As the final nail approaches a pundit in Mosul, the great joy that has engulfed the souls should not forget the Iraqis, the suffering, the details of the field battle, the political struggle of the nationalists, leadership and fighters to realize the desired results.

Field sacrifices are visible, manifested in the martyrs who have given their lives to the homeland, and the fighters who remain in the front berms.

As for the political battle, it is absent from view, because of the juxtaposition of events, the voices of the field, and the horns of the wage earners.

The battle in Mosul was neither easy nor easy, after it turned into an "international resolution" that tried to wrest the Iraqi will and make the date of liberation dependent on international balances.

In this, Abadi succeeded in making "liberation" a purely national decision, without losing the participation of the coalition force, with regard to the air force and expertise in the battle.

Abadi has also succeeded in keeping Turkey away from influencing the battle in Mosul, while forcing everyone to use Iranian expertise in the battle.

In addition, Abadi involved the popular mobilization factions in the battle according to plans that make them far from the charges of sectarian war and exposure to civilians, despite the realization that it is far from the suspicions of the enemies, which led to emptying the crowd to chase the desert in the desert until it reached the Iraqi border Syrian, an achievement that was unable even to US forces when they were in Iraq.

truth be told..

Abadi has led a complex battle details with regional interference, and the differentiation of the players, but he did not serve Iraq only, and restore confidence in the Iraqi army, and benefit from the factions of popular mobilization away from attempts to distort and camouflage.

It is difficult in today's world to fight sectarianism, nationalism and mutual revenge, to conduct a "clean" war, but Abadi did, and succeeded, in defeating the first, and the chorus of internal strife inside the second, as well as the erosion of trumpets that accuse the government and the popular crowd of marginalization and exclusion " Sunnis"..