Iraq: a settlement with the IMF on the budget year 2012
On: Tue 10/25/2011 17:23

Iraqis await the benefits added to the withdrawal of the U.S. military is to reduce the operating budget to 55% for the year 2012, which directly affects the employees' salaries and appointments and the distribution of food through the mechanism of the ration card, and confirms the parliamentarians for «home» The Ministry of Finance reached a settlement with the International Monetary Fund budget next year after the bow to demands to reduce the price fixed for the Berlmal oil to $ 80 after that was $ 85. A member of the Finance Committee representative Hassan al-Bayati said the settlement had occurred between the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and the World Bank to pass the budget for the year two thousand and twelve, after a request from the Iraqi government to reduce the operational budget from 65% to 55% or 60% after the Bank was objecting to the lack of budget investment amounting to 35% of the total budget and the comments come Bayati MP for Diyala Province, after talking about the ongoing budget amounting to one hundred and thirty trillion Iraqi dinars for the coming year and how will it shape.