Iraqi Forces Resume Push to Retake Last IS Strongholds in Mosul

A source from the Iraqi federal police said on Thursday that security forces were advancing towards the center of Zanjili district with air support, killing more than 10 Islamic State (IS) militants, including suicide bombers.

Col. Khudair Saleh, an officer from federal police, told BasNews that "the federal police forces resumed their advance towards the center of Zanjili amid severe clashes with IS militants.

The operation has thus far resulted in the deaths of more than seven IS gunmen, noting that progress is being made by the air support of the International Coalition’s air force.

The Iraqi forces are advancing rapidly with immense care of the lives of civilians trapped in the area, said Colonel Saleh.

the forces have simultaneously begun an incursion into Shifa neighbourhood, aiming to reach the center of the neighbourhood towards Sheikh Fathi area in west Mosul.