Integrity returns 460 million dinars to the state treasury

31/05/2017 11:56

Trend Press / Baghdad

The Integrity Commission announced on Wednesday that it had received a sum of 460 million dinars from the account of a private company contracted with the province of Babylon to implement a project for the municipality of Hilla.

The Authority said in a statement received "Trend Press" a copy of it, "was recovered (460,000,000) million dinars to the state treasury, which represents the value of damage to public funds in the operational advance granted to a private company contracting with the Office of the province of Babylon to implement The project of processing and inspecting the mechanisms of the municipality of Hilla ".

She added, "Details of the criminal case in the Authority, based on the provisions of Article 340 sanctions against the director of the bank Ahli guarantor of the company because the bank did not pay the amount of the letter of guarantee for the project, especially that the province withdrew the work from the company must pay the bank amount of security.

She pointed out that "the investigations of the Commission in the case led to the recovery of the amount that represents the value of damage in public funds to the state treasury, where the province of Babylon in a book entitled to the Authority to pay the company and the bank full amount.