The Council of Ministers holds its regular session chaired by Dr. Haider Abadi
The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday 30 May 2017 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi.

The Council discussed the issue of investment in the integrated housing project in Maysan province, and directed the Council to complete the National Investment Commission required details in the light of what happened at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The Council voted to lift the condition of the sponsor of the requirement to grant loans for a project exclusively Bsaima, and mortgage the housing unit of banks (Rafidain, Rasheed, Commercial Bank).

The Cabinet also voted to conclude a partnership contract between the Iraqi Oil Tanker Company and the Arab Maritime Oil Transport Company, of which Iraq contributes part of its capital.

The council also urged the acceleration of the national card procedures in Baghdad and the provinces.

The Council directed the Ministry of Finance to transfer 25 billion dinars from the budget of the Ministry of Transport to the account of the South Korean company Deo implemented the draft west breakwater of the port of Faw, and the formation of a committee to negotiate with a company that offered to refer to an investment project.

The council also set up a committee to review the draft urban planning law.

He also directed the cabinet to speed up security checks for staff in the liberated Nineveh provinces.