The Federal Court shall elect three experts to resolve the challenge the government in the budget of 2017 [expanded] 2017/5/29 13:21
[Oan- Baghdad]
Federal Supreme Court on Monday held its, which decided to elect an expert in the case challenged the government with some articles and paragraphs of the federal budget for the year 2017
According to a statement issued by the court received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the Federal Supreme Court held its day under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat al - Mahmoud and the presence of all its members considered a number of cases on its agenda
"The first case concerned the appeal of three and twenty items from the general budget of the year 2017 law made the appeal of the Prime Minister in addition to his post against the President of the House of Representatives in addition to his job as the court decided to elect three experts in the field of budgets to submit their report regarding the financial aspects
The statement pointed out that the experts report will include the diagnosis of transfers or additions whether adding a financial burden on the budget is a phenomenon in its terms but will appear after the application noting that the report also will answer the possibility of loss of those amendments or additions of budgetary resources and whether the plaintiff Add it to his job has exceeded his constitutional powers?
He added that experts from their statement all transfers or add the impact on the budget ceiling following that " the meeting was postponed to the fifth of next month for the purpose of submitting their report the experts
He explained that " the court received Daoyen to challenge questioning the Minister of Trade and Acting Minister of Planning and the fact that the formal interrogation procedures meet constitutional terms, the evaluation of the facts it is the prerogative of the House of Representatives
The statement to postpone consideration of a case questioning the Minister of Agriculture until the fifth of next month to enable the agent of the Prosecutor by the President of the House of Representatives in addition to its function to notify the plaintiff and the Minister of Agriculture documents questioning as ruled by the Federal Supreme Court should be inform the Minister questioner quizzed interrogation and isnaads."
The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi presented an appeal before the Federal Court of all transfers that reward the House of Representatives on the budget of 2017 which is estimated to be worth B280 billion dinars , including 54 billion dollars has to balance transfers were the House of Representatives
The government surprised the House by providing an appeal by 23 articles of the 2017 budget items, including a claim to cancel paragraph 15, and the reformulation of other paragraphs
The appeals affect items listed shares of the task, within the budget to speed up the recognition process, as provisions petrodollar, claimed by the provinces and a review of the oil licensing rounds for decades
The government also appealed for allocated to the provinces border ports of revenues, and the allocation of the Peshmerga which carved out of the military budget, in addition to the appeal clause provides for stopping appointments in the three presidencies and the proportion of staff cuts that parliament plese to 3.8% instead of 4.8%
The parliament, succeeded for the first time to pass the budget unanimously, the end of last year on time before the end of the fiscal year and the speed of passing the budget has spread an atmosphere of optimism in terms of the decline of political differences that escalate on the drafting of the budget each year
The current year 's budget deficit of 106 dinars Trelaunat 21 trillion dinars , 20% of the total budget