IS to Be Ousted from Mosul Before June 10th: Iraqi Military Official

The operation to oust Islamic State (IS) militants from the city of Mosul is expected to reach its end by June 10th, according to an Iraqi military official.

Although the eastern half of the city was declared liberated in January, with the Iraqi forces advancing into the western half in February, the advance into the Old City neighborhood has proved problematic. The progress having come close to a halt on the southern side required opening a new front in the northern side earlier this month.

“Mosul fell to [IS' control] on June 10, 2014, so by June 10 this year it must be liberated,” Major Qusay Al-Kinani, commander of Iraq's Special Operations Forces, told the Daily Telegraph.

This estimate of the operation’s end date is one of many estimates that have been voiced throughout different months since the operation's launch in October 17, 2016. Earlier this month Iraqi officials said that the operation would reach its end before Ramadan, which has already passed.