Agriculture's "economy News": The government is obliged to pay the dues of peasants after a week of marketing wheat and barley

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Economy News Baghdad :
Announced the Ministry of Agriculture, Sunday, the government obliged to pay dues laborers in 2017 after a week of marketing crops of wheat and barley .
Said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mahdi al - Qaisi 's " Economy News " , that " Iraq will reach to the sufficiency of self from the harvest of wheat during the period ahead , especially the production local covers 85% of the needs of the card ration ."
He added that the " decision of the government , which holds the No. 117 committed the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture to hand over money the farmers after a week of marketing wheat and barley " , stressing that " the decision of government will lead to the strengthening of confidence between the government and the farmer ."
He noted to be " the production of Iraq from wheat and barley , of 3 . 650 million tons , with the exception of the province of Kurdistan ."
The Council of Ministers, confirmed at its meeting 2 in May 2017 that the Ministry of Finance will launch a 500 billion dinars a month to pay off the dues of peasants .
The Federation of Societies peasant, announced at the time of an earlier, that the entitlements of peasants owed by the government of one trillion and 625 billion dinars, stressing that the government decided to reduce the price of tons of wheat 200 a thousand dinars .
The president of the Federation of Associations peasant, Haidar Abdul Wahid, in an interview for " Economy News " , the " dues peasants owed by the government of one trillion and 625 billion dinars for the seasons of agricultural three years " , noting that " delay payment of dues finance for Flahieddin cause problems for many sector agricultural " .
He pointed to the " government and promised the release of 30% of the dues laborers , but so far launched about 27%" , stressing that " the government has decided to launch the sums finance for by bonds in exchange to pay the farmer 3%.