Sadrist Movement calls for mass peaceful demonstrations Friday

The Sadrist Movement's central committee overseeing popular demonstrations has called for staging peaceful demonstration in Tahrir Square, in central Baghdad, and in other Iraqi governorates on Friday.

It a statement, the committee asked the Iraqi people to take to the streets in mass peaceful protests on Friday and on every Friday.

It added that these protests are a continuation of the reform process that will not stop unless just demands are met, stressing that the main demand is to change the independent High Electoral Commission and its law.

The Sadrist Movement has urged its supporters to protest against the commission, whose members are accused of corruption.

Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist Movement, has called earlier for a change in Iraq’s electoral law, which he says it favors the current dominant parties and prevents smaller ones from winning seats in parliament.

The Movement has been staging demonstrations on Fridays to denounce corruption and call for reform.