Two villages freed, west of Mosul, as PMUs resume advance toward Baaj

The paramilitary troops have resumed their advance to liberate villages in west of Qairawan region as well as Baaj, west of Mosul, reaching to Syrian borders.

The media service of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said troops “freed on Thursday Arfee’ al-Awal village, northeast of Qairawan, inflicting huge losses on the enemy.”

“The 11th brigade liberated al-Wahbi village, northeast of Baaj,” the troops declared saying a booby-trapped vehicle was destroying while trying to hinder the forces advance.

According to the statements, the PMUs followed seven vehicles of Islamic State that attempted fleeing Wahbi toward Maghsal village “All the vehicles were equipped with guns, while only one was booby-trapped.”

PMUs resumed on Wednesday evening the second phase of operations to liberate the remaining villages in the vicinity of Qairawan and Baaj.

On Tuesday, the paramilitary troops announced full liberation of Qairawan.

Many villages in Qairawan region, a main Islamic State bastion which links between Tal Afar town and the Syrian borders, have been freed since the troops launched an offensive on May 12 to free the region. Last week the troops announced liberated of Sahl Sinjar airbase, located south of Qairawan, in addition to cutting off a main supply route between the freed Tal Banat village and Qairawan.