Vice-President of the Iraqi National Business Council (morning): Three factors hinder investment
26/10/2011 26/10/2011

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
Summarized interested in the affairs of investment barriers to investment by three determinants said it was the cause of contraction investors a loss of single window system and the lack of investment map integrated and government control emotional hard-line comes at a time, and that all concerned with the economic importance of these joints in the launch of the investment. The Vice-President of the Business Council Iraqi National Shammari cream in an exclusive interview (morning) that the node revisions long in vain is the most prominent obstacles faced by the businessmen and investors alike,
Shammari drew attention to a subject of great importance by referring to the country's lack of investment map clearly defined and include the types of projects and their implementation mechanisms and to facilitate the investor to start negotiations without the trouble of asking, is not it strange that an investor looking for sites vacant for negotiated
He said that this backward way of dealing but is part of a centrifuge to create an environment for investment at a time when we are looking for investors and encourage them.

Questions without answers
It is noticeable as he tells Shammari that the investment process is to find the weak response of foreign companies with the observation that such questions put to us we are Iraqi businessmen have no answer because the facts indicate a lack of organization.
Regulatory intervention
Says Vice President of Business Council, Inc. as well as that there is a routine event, a new income to the loss of single window is a frequent intervention of government control in all the details, as contributed services of the Inspector General and the Integrity Commission to create situations of panic among investors and Iraqi officials, the civil servant cleaner is always hesitant because he is afraid of the measures regulators, although he employee impeccable on his integrity and dedication. with take the corrupt official of the action of these regulators an excuse or a way to blackmail companies or businessmen, and adds Shammari that this equation looks confusing, and said that the oversight function primarily in maintaining behavior and public funds for staff , but should not be the node or a specific investment, required to study this matter and determine the terms and instructions prior to the employee holed up, not so they can be placed in the trap are sometimes unfairly, and that the control may encourage investment because it protects investors corrupt
The only window on the world
He said that has happened for example with the Trade Bank of Iraq's recent exercise in a raid on the bank and pulling staff back after investigation that committed a crime on them, this action has tarnished the reputation of the Bank International in particular, and that the only window to the world and was supposed to offer an apology to the bank and the staff in the same way that appeared across the the media, and culture, and that was new to us, but a useful response for consideration and we added with the control and accountability of the corrupt and the corrupt and this requires detection in all transparency in order to keep the accused is innocent until proven his crime, this is an example conveniently use to change our behavior and our cultures in dealing with citizens.
Prominent businessman
And on dealing ministries with the business-Shammari said, unfortunately, are still bureaucratic controls the minds of many departments in dealing with the (VIP), where in most countries of the world developed and developing world there are rules and behavior to deal with business as if the reception level of a prominent and allocate them to places of respect commensurate with their level of social development. He noted that some of the young staff in the state are dealing with a man who works in an uncivilized way or at a decent review of some of the circles, we must work to change these cultures are overdue and that hinder the speedy implementation of projects and work and does not give the person's entitlement to humane treatment
No objection to the laws
And on the laws enacted by the States recently regarding the tariff and customs inspection at the border of the goods the competent standardization and quality control, said Vice-President of the Council of the Iraqi Business cream Shammari: No one objected to the law provides numerous other financial public budget that protects consumers from shoddy goods and ended its powers, but we say to the departments concerned will give room for dealers to organize their situation and thus Athaúa such decisions and, for information tell you that the merchant for unimpaired by these laws because it will reflect the additional costs that carry their goods on the citizen to the final consumer it is not reasonable to accept the loss, the trader in advance
2012, large shifts
He said I am with the laws and the need to comply with the condition that announced before the period of application and noted that the measures recently taken in this regard have confused the market and made ​​some people circumvent the law with pointing a big loss for traders, and we know that the loss of the merchant we mean the loss of the country for sure. He moved to talk about the economic future of Iraq, where he noted that the good is coming and predicted that next year 2012 witnessed major shifts in this area and you will get quantum leaps in the country's economy with the start of actual work hours and the start of construction, business and investment