British newspaper: Trump fueled the Middle East conflict and terrorism has grown from Wahhabi thought
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criticized the British newspaper, US President Donald Trump 's policy toward the Middle East.
The newspaper I published an article by Patrick Coburn entitled Visit Trump fueled only fuel terrorism
The article said that "US President Donald Trump, who leaves the Middle East today, was able to make the region more divided and mired in conflicts more than ever
He added that at the same time that Trump condemns suicide bomber in Manchester - which he described as a demon and failed in his life - he was adding more confusion which is being exploited by al Qaeda and Daesh proliferation and expansion
Carter said Trump blamed "terrorism" and in particular on Iran and the Shiite minority in the region , while al - Qaeda has grown in the country 's Sunni - derived ideas of the Wahhabi thought radical
He concluded by saying that , to end the wars in seven countries - namely Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya Somalia and north - east of Nigeria - it must reach a compromise between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the conversion of no reasonable .