The parliamentary economic reveal waste about 600 billion dinars failed projects
Economy News _ Baghdad:
Last updated 05/24/2017
- 11:11
A commission of economy and investment representative, on Wednesday, wasting 600 billion dinars in Iraqi industry development projects during the previous government without achieving any little result, noting that the Commission is investigating the amounts wasted in that era
The committee member Najiba Najib in a press statement seen by "Economy News", "The previous government wasted 600 billion dinars in the industrial development and the rehabilitation of factories stalled project but most of the projects not completed and did not achieve any result of the initiative to remember."
She added that "the Commission is investigating the amounts wasted in that era asserting that "the Ministry of Agriculture is also wasted about 600 billion dinars within the agricultural initiative but it did not achieve the required achievement
Najib continued that the financial crisis that hit the country in 2014 have had a positive impact in the industry support and more reliable and is now the rehabilitation of factories in a scientific way to supplement the Iraqi economy, the local product
Najib explained that the need to move legislation that contributes to the doubling of domestic production and protect it from foreign competition