Planning: the price increase in Iraq by 5%

2017/05/24 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 159 - Number (3931)

The Ministry of Planning announced on Tuesday that the prices of Iraq rose by 5%, noting that the inflation index also rose during the month of April, indicating that the price survey included for the first time the province of Salahuddin, after a halt since June 2014, while not Including Anbar and Ninewa because of the prevailing conditions. "

"The Central Bureau of Statistics has completed the consumer price index report for April 2017, by adopting the year 2012 as the basis for the calculation instead of the year 2007 as the year in which the implementation of the socio-economic survey of the family in the year 2007," ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement. Iraq, a year representative of changes in the standard of living of the family and the structure of household consumption and economic situation in the country by about a year, "noting that" the price survey for the month of April, included for the first time Salah al-Din after a stop since June 2014, while not included Anbar and Nineveh In their circumstances ".

Al-Hindawi added that "the rise in the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages came as a result of the high prices of bread and cereals by (0.5%) because of the high prices of rice and the high prices of vegetables group (13%) as a result of high prices of tomatoes and high prices of sugar groups and sugar products and non- (0.1%) each, "adding that" the prices of meat and fish saw a decline in prices ranging from (0.7%) and (1.2%), and the prices of groups of milk, cheese, eggs, oils, fats and fruits and other food products, as well as clothing and footwear rates ranged between (0.7%) and (2.5%).

"Prices of housing and tobacco increased by 0.3-0.4%, and the prices of equipment, furniture, household equipment, health, transport, communication, education and restaurants were also slightly lower in prices by only 0.5%," he said. Entertainment, culture, goods and services at their prices. "

He attributed the rise in the annual inflation rate during the month of April compared to the same month of the previous year in 2016 by 1% to the increase in prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages by 0.6%, the increase in the prices of the tobacco division by 6% (2.5%), "pointing out that" the index of consumer prices during the month of April (105.1%), reflecting the overall price level of (5.1%) compared to 2012. "

He pointed out that "the basic inflation rate witnessed a decline during the month of April by (0.2%), and rose by the same percentage compared to April 2016."

The Central Agency for Statistics and Information Technology announced earlier that it will start using mechanization to collect different prices and at specific times rather than the paper form used in the past, stressing that this will contribute to the speed of collection and accuracy of prices and correct the calculation in case of errors.