106 New Zealand soldiers on their way to Iraq

The New Zealand Defense Forces (NZDF) Command announced that the fifth batch of its soldiers, including 106 soldiers, is going to Iraq on a six-month mission to train Iraqi forces.

"We have a six-month challenge in Iraq to continue the work of previous meals, but we intend to do beyond expectations, and this is what Kiwi forces are doing," said the New Zealand Forces commander at Taji camp in Baghdad.

"The specific training sessions received by the New Zealand Rapid Response Forces in Townsville, Australia have helped them integrate with their Australian partners," he said.

For the first time, a Singapore medical team was attached to the fifth meal of New Zealand and Australian troops, which form the Taji mission group.

Upon their arrival at Camp Taji, they will be joined by an emergency force from the United Kingdom and will work with their United States and Iraqi partners who provide security and camp infrastructure.