ISIS terror attacks to see upsurge in Ramadan– Iraqi official

Violence rate is expected to increase during the holy month of Ramadan in Iraq's capital, Fadel al-Showili, the vice-chairman of Baghdad Provincial Council's security committee, said on Wednesday.

Al-Showili noted that the intelligence received reveals that ISIS is plotting to launch attacks in Baghdad.

ISIS launches attacks every year on Ramadan's gatherings, inflicting high numbers of causalities, the vice-chairman of Baghdad Provincial Council's security committee stated.

He added that the committee will hold a series of meetings in the coming days to discuss security plans during the holy month, focusing on intelligence efforts.

The terrorist group uses Ramadan as a calling for launching new terrorist attacks.

Last Ramadan, more than 140 people died as a suicide car bomb blew up in a busy shopping street in central Baghdad.

As a result, many people were burnt to death as subsequent fires consumed cafes and stores in ISIS' worst single attack on the Iraqi capital.