Soon .. Baghdad granted construction permit electronically to its residents
2 hours ago

Twilight News / Baghdad Municipality announced on Tuesday near the direct mail system in issuing construction licenses

According to the Directorate of Relations and Media in a statement to the Twilight News reported, "Baghdad secretariat has prepared a training course for Mlakatha on the mechanism of the use of the new electronic system in the issuance of building permits last for a period of 5 days depending on foreign specialists

"The secretariat of Baghdad will work after completing the training of staff to apply the new system within the municipalities of Karkh center and the people as a pilot phase lasts for 6 months after being circulated to all municipal districts

She said, "The new electronic system will allow the citizen Baghdadi easy access to vacation construction of residential or commercial activities as soon as possible as it can fill in an electronic form and send it to the custom of the municipal departments and the site will be accomplished in accordance with legal frameworks and record time

She noted that "the purpose of the establishment of the system is to reduce friction in the municipal citizen employee circles and eliminate corruption and reduce the administrative bureaucracy that are delaying the completion of the treatment of the process of issuing construction license for a citizen-Baghdadi