31 civilians reportedly killed by IS members, airstrikes in central Mosul

Thirteen civilians were killed by Islamic State militants in central Mosul over attempting escape the so-called “caliphate”, according to local residents.

Speaking to Shafaaq News on Tuesday, the residents said IS members shot thirteen civilians dead in al-Sarjkhana region, central Mosul, over attempting to flee their houses in IS-held regions and head toward Iraqi troops. The militants left the bodies on streets.

Islamic State has executed hundreds of civilians and security members since it took over large areas in Iraq to proclaim a self-styled “Islamic Caliphate”. The executions of the victims were mainly blamed over accusations of collaboration with the Iraqi security authorities or for attempting to flee areas under its control.

Meanwhile, other residents reported death of eighteen civilians and nine Islamic State members in an airstrike that targeted a house in Haderet al-Sada region, located in the Old City, central Mosul.

The victims were killed while lining up to get meat distributed and sold by the militants to the residents, who were suffering shortage of food.

The eastern side of Mosul was retaken in January after three months of battles. Another major offensive was launched in February to recapture the western side of the city.

Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced recently being in control of at least 89.5 percent of territory in western Mosul