After you provide alternatives. Tamimi: payroll deductions are irrevocable and retired next year.

23/5/2017 Post Views: 0

The parliamentary Finance Committee member revealed, Magda Tamimi, fiscal deductions from State officials cannot proceed and cancellation this year, she could work it and abolish it next year,

said Tamimi that «the issue of financial state employees payroll deductions already have spoken with the Prime Minister Haider Abadi and should be abolished and rely on other alternatives» accompanying the Prime Minister informed alternatives are real estate taxes and State walkmark and many others can rely on to supplement State revenues that followed».

«Cancel These deductions from the salaries of staff cannot take place this year as they entered into the State budget and materials are relied upon as income for general budget» adding that «the possibility of cancellation could be next year if you work in the Parliament and lifted material from State budget