Sheikh Hamoudi: Iraq is the heart of the economic world and we call on the world to ally with him

Release date: 2017/5/22 13:20 97 times scheduled

Baghdad - Al-Furat News, a member of the Presidency of the House of Representatives Sheikh Humam Hamoudi called on the international community and its representatives present at the Kazan Economic Conference in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan to draw up effective and clear economic, commercial and industrial policies with Baghdad, describing Iraq as "the heart of the economic world."

"Our country is rich in everything and whoever wants to be a strategic ally with us should respect Iraq and build its serious and clear relations in the interest of the common interests and in the interest of all our peoples," Sheikh Hammoudi told reporters after attending the ninth economic summit.

Sheikh Hamoudi considered the golden opportunity for Iraq is the attention to national products and activating the sectors of {industry and agriculture} and investment of Iraqi minds in building the economy and the operation of Iraqi labor. "