Hakim calls for the formation of ministerial councils in the provinces

2017/05/22 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 631 - Number (3929)

Baghdad / Range

Called the head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim, on Sunday, to stabilize administrative decentralization and the establishment of executive councils in all provinces, calling for the formation of a higher council to stimulate investment in each province.

Al-Hakim said in a speech during a celebration of the achievements of the project (GSP) for decentralization, which was set up in Baghdad, and his follow-up (range), that "the opportunity should be given to the provinces in the success of the transfer of powers and the decentralization of administrative," calling for " As a cabinet in the federal government, including the governor and his deputies and directors of the departments in those provinces.

The head of the National Alliance said that "the task of these executive councils is to coordinate between the different departments in the province and facilitate the executive procedures within the laws and regulations in force," and called for "the formation of a higher council to stimulate investment in each province headed by the governor, and participate in the membership of the relevant departments and the relationship to the subject of investment and Identify opportunities and investment plans to maintain and facilitate the procedures and granting investment licenses to emerge from narrow circles and Dahliz corrupt and disrupted.

He urged Hakim, "to form a local service council within the provisions of the Federal Service Law, which gave an opportunity to the provinces and authorized the formation of such a council in each province to regulate the local functional affairs and the establishment of controls and determinants and mechanisms specific to fill the functions of government and the development of controls for promotion," stressing the importance of amending the law 21 amended to specify clearly the competence and competence of the heads of administrative units and district councils and sub-districts, who have no clear authority and lost their responsibilities.

The President of the Supreme Council that "a competent body should be formed to monitor the entitlements of the provinces and territories within the federal functions, as provided for in Article 5 of the Iraqi Constitution within the federal government ministries concerned with the distribution and organize administrative appointments according to population ratios in the provinces," stressing the need to " The distribution of federal imports based on Article 6 of the Constitution, which requires the federal government to spend its budget according to population ratios.

He called on Hakim to "complete the transfer of powers stipulated in Law 21, which requires great effort and work hard to complete these steps."