Finance announces revenues of more than 109 billion dinars

22/05/2017 12:30 | Number of readings: 155

Trend Press / Baghdad

Minister of Finance and Agency, Abdul Razzaq al-Issa, the rise of Iraqi customs revenues to more than 109 billion dinars.

A statement of the ministry got "Trend Press" a copy of him, that Al-Issa "chaired a meeting to discuss the strategy of the federal budget, where he confirmed that the increase of total revenues of the month of April to more than one hundred and nine billion dinars, compared to 43 billion in the same month last year, Government in the adoption of non-oil resources in support of the federal budget. "

"The Ministry of Finance is proceeding according to two parallel tracks related to reviving and increasing the state's non-oil resources, fighting corruption and encircling all attempts to tamper with public money," the finance minister told an agency attended by representatives of ministries and a number of members of the House of Representatives.