Financial expert proposes to "monetize" ration card

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Among the many dilemmas suffered by the Iraqi citizen, the ration card items, which do not receive them in full and do not arrive in time, despite the large funds that were allocated to them in previous budgets and repeated contracts for food basket, which is being discussed, and the reasons related to administrative and financial corruption, being on the tabs and in the media.

The economic expert Ahmed Breehi confirms in an interview for (the extent): that the best solution for the citizen is to reduce the ration card, that is, the card system on the basis of delivery of the citizen price in cash to act it, because this issue has a lot of problems and it lies not only in the cost of goods It is better to collect all the money and give cash to those who are entitled to this card. This is also to save from the talk that is always repeated about importing bad rice, stealing card materials or contracting food baskets that have not benefited the citizen.

He adds d. Berihi: So we can get rid of all these problems and others such as inefficiency in contracting and control and auditing and the possibilities of corruption from the beginning of the import process until the arrival of the citizen, we must be the ration card ration, and note that: This proposal has been submitted since 2004, Many countries have followed the system of monetization, and as long as we have inefficiency in the administrative apparatus of the state, and there is a complaint of financial corruption, even if in some of them are incorrect and fall within the political dichotomy, so it is best not to involve the administrative system of the state and obscure in the import of food and distribution to the citizen, We know that there is corruption operations.

He pointed out in his conclusion to the need for the government to solve the problem of the ration card and to rid the citizen of its suffering: because it is shameful to keep talking about the issue of the card since 2003 until 2017, the community that speaks 14 years of the problem is unable to solve is a sterile society and, if we can not solve them administratively and politically, so why not turn it in cash and given to the citizen.

According to the Committee on Economy and Investment Parliamentary, that the financial allocations in the budget of 2017 was a small proportion of previous years, indicates Najeeb Najib member of this committee, that the poor citizen is the only victim of not receiving the food items scheduled in the ration card monthly in full, both in terms of type Or the quantity, especially since the quality of the materials distributed to him below the level he deserves, but the material is incomplete, indicating at the same time, that the budget of the Ministry of Commerce according to the budget allocations are divided into three sections, the first goes to trade, and the second to buy grain from wheat and milk, did not go Individuals ration card.

Najib continues in an interview with (term) with we know that the financial allocations are the reason that the trade balance in previous years was high, where is allocated 5 trillion dinars only for the ration card, but in the budget of 2017 was allocated trillion and 500 billion dinars to buy the ration card, This is a small amount compared to the previous years, but the ration card was and still needs real and radical reforms.

There are many numbers of the ration card and fake and doubled, although we have repeatedly proposed reforms on the ration card, but not activated, only after the high prices in the market and revenue reduction Of the state, it turned out, that 800 thousand in the card are fictitious names, including those who were dead or living outside Iraq, or that there are those who receive the card materials twice, so these procedures now are not enough.

And stresses, we want to go card vocabulary to the poor and not to the unfortunate, especially since there is great suffering for citizens because of this card, either of its few vocabulary or distribution problems, as you see that the procedure of credit card rationing is a good solution, and we are with him is an old proposal, but must With this measure the reduction of market prices for important materials such as sugar, flour, rice and oil, because the lack of control of the state on the prices of these goods, certainly prevents the application of the ration card ration, especially as we import all and not have local production.

The Director General of the General Company for food trade under the Ministry of Commerce Qassim Hamoud Mansour at first glance when we contact him, indignant at what he described as the attack and accusations of constant media for his company, despite being a few financial allocations estimated at a trillion dinars and left the prosecution of the former administrative system, which was corrupt and failed with being received Financial allocations up to 5 trillion dinars, according to his talk, noting that: The Ministry of Commerce today distributes most of the ration card items of the local product, which contributes to the operation of workers and meet the specifications, through cooperation with oil cooking plants and sugar in Hilla, Since the beginning of this year so far, we did not import wheat because our dependence on the local product of wheat, which covers the need of the market and ration card.

Mansour said in an interview with Al-Mada that the problem of the Ministry of Commerce now lies in the few financial allocations, since this year it received only one trillion dinars, which administrative body can operate in such small amounts.

He demanded that everyone today ask and He was working in the context of large financial allocations are five trillions dinars, to everyone accounting for those who went abroad for those funds, not to hold accountable those who work with a few financial allocations, but the administrative system that preceded us was a failure and corrupt, why we bear the weight of our predecessors corrupt.

Although the Ministry of Commerce, announced in April 2016, the withholding of 15654 individuals born in 1920 or below from the ration card database, with the deletion of data more than 3000 deceased, Mansour confirms during his speech, that the ministry has printed a new ration card according to previous statistics and the printing press "We are going to follow strict measures such as not handing over the ration card until we have verified that these families already exist, by providing all personal documents to them, in addition to bringing The number of family members.

It is noteworthy that the majority of Iraqis rely on what they provide ration card in their daily lives since the beginning of the international embargo on Iraq in 1991 after the invasion of Kuwait, and the value of these materials per capita in the local market of about ten dollars without the calculation of milk children, Through the ration card for only 500 dinars, equivalent to $ 0.40.