Al-Ahrar Bloc 'in new push to sack electoral commission'

Al-Ahrar Bloc, Sadrist Movement's representing body under the dome, is working with other political trends to compel incumbent electoral commission to resign, lawmaker Zeinab al-Taei said Saturday.

Based on this agreement, new members for the electoral commission will be chosen within an appointed term, and the incumbent members will be pressured not to run for their posts again.

I tabled a motion to al-Ahrar Bloc suggesting the suspension of the supposed parliamentary vote to sack the commission and compelling them to resign, the lawmaker said.

She added the bloc gave consent to the proposal as long as the aim is to sack the incumbent electoral commission.

The performance of the electoral commission has been a moot point among the Iraqi political trends, with the Sadrist Movement opposing it, saying it is biased and politically motivated.

The Movement staged weekly protests demanding the change of the commission ahead of the elections.