Iraq’s Sadr warns ‘neglectful’ provincial council members
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 17:32 GMT

Sadr Bloc leader Sayyed Moqtada Al Sadr warned “negligent” Iraqi provincial council members of disregarding their duties and urged them to serve the people.
Council members tend to be neglectful and careless. They use Al Sadr name to serve their personal interests, Al Sadr argued.
Al Sadr called on these members to repent and improve their situation. Al Sadr stressed that is his last warning without defining what measures the movement would take otherwise.
“Many elected provincial councils’ members are not serving their fellow citizens and are busy with private matters, neglecting therefore their promise to serve Iraqis without discrimination,” a group called Abnaa Al Hawza Al Natika Al Moujahida complained to Sadrist movement leader.