Infallible Jordanian private sector calls for Iraqi Iraq recruitment.

In an economy May 19, 2017 27 visit


The President invited the Jordanian private sector Fouad Massoum and resident in Jordan to employment in Iraq and to promote economic and investment relations between the two countries.

A presidential statement said SNG has received a copy, the infallible "during a meeting Thursday at his residence in Oman with distinguished business leaders and investors Jordanians and Iraqis stressed that Jordanian investments are high at all levels in Iraq which is a Jordanian investors and strategic partners keen to remove any problems facing them."

Infallible noted that "Iraq has an urgent and comprehensive ambitions to achieve sustainable economic development and investment promotion and protection agreement between the two countries would boost investment and economic development between the two countries."

The President also stressed the need to enhance and strengthen the vital participation of investors Iraqis living in Jordan and abroad generally welcome to participate in all economic actors noting their competencies and the need for legislation and supplies to protect their rights and interests. "

For their part Jordanians and Iraqi investors attending the robustness of brotherly relations and cooperation between the two countries and their eagerness to strengthen them, and reviewed a number of difficulties facing their projects and work in Iraq, underlining looked forward to stronger activation of common relations in investment and economic areas and their quest to overcome the challenges of economic relations between the two countries during the previous period, especially due to the continued closure of the border post crossing and raising fees for Jordanian goods and protect it from imitation.

Jordan attended the meeting of senior officials, including the Jordanian Energy Minister in the presence of the Iraqi side Ministers of planning and finance, electricity, senior agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the investment and the Deputy Minister of industry advisors and other officials as well as the Ambassador of Iraq to the Hashemite Kingdom Safia Taleb Suhail.