of the Kurdistan Region Parliament: to determine the day of the referendum Barzani authority exclusively
one hour ago

Twilight News Jafar Amenki Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament / confirmed on Thursday to hold a self-determination referendum for the independence of the territory of Iraq during the current year

He said Amenki at a press conference in the building of the governorate of Erbil today, that continue to proceed with steps to activate the Kurdistan Parliament but he also said that until now did not specify the time for the return of parliament to work

He said he is scheduled to hold the referendum in the fall of this year indicating that the identification of the authority of the day giving a President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani exclusively

It began political parties and actors in the Kurdistan Region mobility internally since the beginning of this year to hold the referendum in conjunction with the approach of Iraq's expulsion from the organization Daesh city of Mosul the largest and most important strongholds and ravaged in mid-2014.

Relations between Erbil and Baghdad strained since the federal government cut the budget of the Kurdistan Region of financial budgets since 2014 to now

And confirm the Kurdish leadership to hold a referendum of independence this year in a move as long as the Kurds dream of achieving