Najafi: Federal police deliberately destroyed the city of Mosul
May 18, 2017
| 13:36
Vice President of the Republic "Osama Najafi was accused on Thursday, federal police using heavy weapons and the destruction of the infrastructure of the neighborhoods of the city of Mosul, killing many of the besieged citizens

He said, "Najafi" in a press statement subordinate "the Iraqi situation," said federal police forces were not disciplined and contributed to the destruction of much of the infrastructure in the cities that entered because of the use of heavy weapons Kalsoarej and mortars and artillery, which caused the demolition of huge numbers of citizens' houses, as well as killing many of them

He added, "Najafi" that the Iraqi army and the forces of counter-terrorism and other security forces continued the same method that was used on the left coast, and they were more accurate and professional, which reduced the size of the losses on the eastern side of the city.