Iraqi forces discover ISIS-controlled explosives depot in Mosul

Brigadier-General Saad Ma'an, Iraq's Ministry of Interior spokesman, has announced that a force of the ministry has discovered an ISIS depot in Mosul's left bank, a statement revealed on Thursday.

In the statement, Ma'an said that ISIS dump was hidden in a building under construction in al-Shorta neighborhood located in Mosul city.

He also noted that the ministry's force had found inside the depot a 21mm mortar and other military hardware.

The official added that a 60 mm mortar bombs, explosive devices and various raw materials for making explosives had been discovered.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on January 24 the full liberation of Mosul's left bank from ISIS' grip after the terrorist group has been inflicted with heavy losses. And the Iraqi forces have been pushing on the terror group in the right bank of the city since February 19th.