Central Bank: We are working with 50 banks on the establishment of the Development and Investment Fund
Economy News Baghdad :
Last updated 05/17/2017
- 15:38
Confirmed the Governor of Bank Central, Ali Keywords, Wednesday that the bank 's central working with 50 banks to set up fund development and investment for the granting of loans to citizens

Said Keywords in an interview during the seminar , which held the bank's central on projects financing smaller " attended by " Economy News " , that the bank 's central working hard now with banks to set up fund development and investment from through the development framework General Fund, which aims to revitalize the economy through the granting of loans citizens as well as bring companies world referring to the 50 banks will be involved the establishment of the fund and each bank shares with 10 million dollars for a period of four years to become the capital of the fund 2 billion dollars
He added that no can to find a way else to stimulate the economy only from through funding smaller despite the problems existing in the environment of Iraq which insists the bank's central to overcome them adding that the refusal of some banks to grant loans from within the initiative of one trillion dinars due to the threats of armed and tribal which encountered when required banks to return the money

He stressed that the bank gets a profit of 4% within the initiative of one trillion dinars , while banks in countries other if you got a profit of 1% they do not overdo Bay " , noting that " bankers agricultural and industrial not Amnha loans to citizens because of the problems many have EXCLUDE from the initiative of the Bank Central during the year the current .