MP calls for wider UN, US, Russian roles to stop bloodshed in Iraq

Head of Iraqi Front for National Dialogue has reiterated calls for a UN-sponsored conference where the US and Russia should play more effective roles to discuss Iraq's crises, The Baghdad Post reported on Wednesday.

During a meeting with Russia ambassador to Iraq, Maxim Maximov, MP Saleh al-Mutlak added "Since 2003, Iraq has turned into an arena for conflicts and foreign interference".

"Iraq has paid the price dearly for foreign interference, a UN-sponsored conference where US, Russia and Iraq's neighbors participate, should be convened to save the country," al-Mutlak, the former Ba'ath party said.

"Iraqis must not continue paying their blood as prices for the bills of others, the international community must shoulder responsibility in the face of terrorism, violence and murder," the Sunni politician stressed.

He added that the number of casualties as well as the displaced people in his country has gone over the top.