Parliamentary Committee: The law of advisers will eliminate the slack

2017/05/17 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 101 - Number (3925)


The parliamentary legal committee confirmed that the vote of the House of Representatives on the draft law advisers will contribute to the elimination of "armies of advisers."

"The House of Representatives voted on the draft law on advisers, which is considered an important law. The number of advisors to the three presidencies has been reduced to six," Mohsen al-Saadoun, head of the committee, told a news conference attended by a number of committee members.

Advisers, ministries and independent bodies to 3 advisers, "noting that" the ministries and presidencies were armies of advisers, and the law spent on this situation and worked to determine the number of advisers in the acceptable form. "

On Monday, the House of Representatives voted on the draft law regulating the work of advisers, in its session attended by 167 deputies, headed by Salim al-Jubouri.

In another context, Saadoun said, "The Legal Committee completed the draft law amending the first law of general amnesty, was completed the first reading and the second, and include most of the observations made by the political blocs," noting that "some political blocs do not have the will to pass the law amnesty , And worked to submit a request to withdraw, "stressing that" the Committee will seek to introduce the law sessions of Parliament next week. "

A member of the parliamentary legal committee, MP Mahmoud Hassan, said during the conference that "the draft law of the advisers voted by the House of Representatives today violates the provisions of the Constitution and the internal rules," noting that "Article 130 of the rules of procedure provided that it may not The House of Representatives put proposals in which financial obligations only after the approval of the Council of Ministers. "

He added that "the draft law came with 3 advisers for each department, but the House of Representatives voted today 6 advisers, and this is contrary to the rules of procedure and another way to increase the decline in career in state institutions and increase the waste of public money to no avail."

"As part of my responsibility, I objected today at the meeting through a point of order on this proposal and on the voting as well. We also launched an equality campaign to eliminate the differences between the salaries of all state employees because there are departments where the employee receives 3 times the salary of another employee, They have the same qualifications and service as a violation of the provisions of the Constitution in Article 14 which said that Iraqis are equal before the law, as well as Article 19 of the Constitution also provided for ensuring the interdependence of opportunities for all Iraqis.

Al-Hassan pointed out that "the disparity in the salaries of state employees is a constitutional violation, in which we call on the government and the House of Representatives to issue legal legislation in line with the principles of social justice."