Finance Committee: No deductions for staff salaries next year

Journal May 17, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

The parliamentary Finance Committee said that "the rise in oil prices and the survival of exports as it is, helped to move the budget and the entry of financial revenues from hard currency has been priced per barrel in the budget by $ 42 while the lifting of the price of coal worldwide for about $ 46 and this income of the budget

The Commission's Rapporteur Ahmed Hama Rashid said in a statement to the "Journal News" that "it is too early to draw up the budget mechanisms for the next year as we have not updated the general strategy for the budget this year, which requires a supplementary budget because the allocations of salaries of staff is incomplete, which was allocated until the tenth month of This year and therefore ask for a supplementary budget for the remaining two months of this year. "

He added that "there are proposals by MPs in the parliament to delete some paragraphs of the budget of 2017 and the most important deduction from the salaries of employees 3.8% This request has been lifted but we are in the problem of amending any law that requires the amendment of the general law budget, and the amendment needs a supplementary budget according to the law of public debt" .

Rashid said that "next year will see a non-deduction of salaries of employees, 3.8 percent if the global prices of crude oil continue to rise, and the continuation of the government policy of economic reform and austerity and taxation, and emphasis on reducing the staff of special grades and security protectors of officials, indicating that the government to maximize Resources through other economic sectors other than oil. "