"Iraqi oil": the process of exporting Kirkuk oil is not clear and beyond the control of the central government

2 hours ago

A spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Asim Jihad, during his conversation with Roudao correspondent, Mustafa Koran

Ruudau - Erbil

The spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, that "despite disagreements and differences in views on the subject of oil agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the central government, but hope remains always, and seek to accelerate the creation of a new agreement to serve the national interest."

"We are always seeking an agreement that serves the citizens in all Iraqi provinces, as well as the Kurdistan region, and therefore we must work on this subject in a common national spirit, and look for the national stage," Jihad told the network.

Jihad said that "despite the lack of implementation and commitment from both sides on the previous oil agreements, but the people remain one, and therefore must always remain hope because we are all Iraqis in the end."

On the issue of non-disbursement of the "Petrodollar" of the province of Kirkuk, the spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, "Kirkuk province has become a complex and difficult issue, and there are a lot of things out of control, and the federal government does not have authority over all the oil fields in Kirkuk, Not clear, and all this leads to the non-disbursement of (petrodollar) of the province of Kirkuk. "

As for the city of Basra, which is a source of the economy of Iraq, which suffers from marginalization in all respects, Assem Jihad said that "the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Technical, and its work is to explore and the issuance and sale of oil, and the return of cash to the central government, The Petrodollar issue, where this amount is spent permanently. "

With regard to the establishment of a province in Basra, and its economic impact on Iraq, Jihad said: "We do not want to anticipate events and judge this issue, the subject was an idea, but not realized until this moment, and when it is realized there will be another talk about this subject."