Disclosure of the date of approval of the new salary scale system


Tuesday 16 May 2017 02:37 PM
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BAGHDAD / A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Jabbar al-Abadi, revealed Tuesday the imminent adoption of a new salary system after the vote on the Civil Service Law, which reached final stages, indicating that this law is linked to the Federal Service Council and will address many things, Performance and corruption in appointments and allotments that have been given multiple laws.

"The Civil Service Law is currently being discussed within the Finance Committee in accordance with Article 33, which brings a new pay ladder system, which is guaranteed by the executive branch, considering the many details and database on which the executive is operating more than the legislative," Ebadi said. "The difference on the duration of completion of this subject led to the postponement, but will be completed this system after the vote on the Civil Service Law during the next period."

He added that "the Civil Service Law has reached its final stages and it is possible during the current legislative term to vote after it has been read first and second reading, pointing out that the government has been amended by certain topics will be discussed within the Committee. Six months in order to establish a new salary scale. "

He added that "the civil service law linked to the Federal Service Council and will address the subject of the post and the employee will be the cornerstone of the subject of standards that apply to the performance of the job and the need of the ministry, where we noted the random appointments that were made and the side of the allocations that have been given by multiple laws and this law includes the law of discipline of state employees, 3